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Monitoring that understands business

Monitors all your data. Fully autonomous. Detects first.

What We Do

Customer Experience Monitoring

Find and fix incidents before they impact your users to drive improved conversions, customer experience, retention and revenues

Telco Network Monitoring

Keep tabs on billions of daily events across all network types and layers to identify service and network degradations in real-time.

Revenue Monitoring

Protect your revenue by monitoring all your revenue streams to surface potential issues and opportunities in real-time

Partners Monitoring

Keep tabs on billions of daily events across all your 3rd party technology providers to immediately surface critical issues that impact business operations

Complete high-definition coverage, in real time

Anodot is an advanced AI platform, built from the ground up to monitor, analyze and correlate 100% of company data in real-time, dramatically enhancing the performance and reliability of your business.

Fastest incident detection and correlation

Detect anomalies across the business 15X faster. Cut incident-related costs by 70%. Anodot’s patented inference engine lets you know what is happening, where and why as soon as possible, for lightning-fast resolution.

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