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Diverse rising leaders coming together and unleashing each other’s power

A curated collective for mid-career leaders who are ready to take their next brave step.

Figuring “it” out can be lonely, but we got you.


Badassery is made to nurture growth, spark inspiration and create real connections among rising leaders.

This community is for the rising leaders who are on the ground building at some of the world’s leading companies or startups that will be, but may not have a “chief” tacked onto their job titles.

The people from underrepresented communities who might be overlooked.

The people with interesting stories, nuanced backgrounds, and roots in countries that some of us have never visited. Those with personalities that are both strong and timid, but all tied together with a common thread.

Most importantly, we want to unleash the power within each one of ourselves and within the community as a whole. We’re here to help you get unstuck, build deep relationships without the awkward networking (pinky promise), spark inspiration and be your home away from home.

You’re here because you know that there’s power in building meaningful relationships with everyday superheroes—and believe that you might be one, too. You’re hungry for an inclusive space that celebrates your whole self (dad jokes and all) and challenges you to take risks and get creative.

You’re ready to have inspiring and like-minded humans by your side to light a under your tushy and move you towards the future you’ve always dreamt.

Welcome to your place.

Founder/Host: Danielle Letayf

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