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We instantly turn speech into text for 10 cents a minute. offers the cheapest and fastest transcription on the Internet. How do we do it? With a combination of machine learning and human proofreaders, we are able to turn an audio file into text in a few minutes instead of a few hours for way less than the other guys. If you need it fast, trust

There are other services out there that use automatic transcription but they are too complicated and too pricey after their free trial periods. We built CheapTranscription to serve podcasters, writers, journalists, and anyone else who needs a solid, usable transcription in minutes.

Super fast transcription

We often return text in less than five minutes. Upload your audio and give us a minute. Our Happy Robots are waiting.

Super cheap transcription

Pay pennies per minute. We charge 10 cents per minute for automatic transcription and 85 cents per minute for human-assisted transcription. Our minimum bill is 50 cents.

Be Happy

if you're not happy we'll refund your purchase. Email our team for more info.

Rev was recommended by several friends (thanks K.A.). John Biggs started Cheap Transcriptions in 2019 and it looks great (at 1/10 the cost). Otter got a lot of buzz Q3 2018, but it’s all AI-driven, and it isn’t useful yet if you need a fully baked transcript.

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