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Love writing or blogging but hate hearing about promotion and platform?

I feel you. Both the blogging and writing worlds have changed in the past few years. You used to be able to publish a book without publishers asking about platform or write a blog post and people would magically show up to read it. You could publish a blog post and people would appear out of the woodwork to read and comment.

Those days are GONE.

But the cool thing about our current landscape is that the tools for platform-building are available for free to everyone. I LOVE that. In fact I love platform-building, despite my original resistance to all things social media

Create If Writing is all about authentic platform building for writers, bloggers, and creative types.

I hope that my love for platform building will be contagious. I hope I can de-mystify some of the aspects and help you streamline the process so you waste less time and write more, write better. I hope to help you learn to sell to your people without being SMARMY.

What do you think?

Posted by David Berkowitz

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