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Exposure Magazine is media advocacy that will continue to address societal issues for all.

Exposure Magazine has offered entertaining stories in the past from celebrity interviews to uncovered investigative stories. Needless to say, Exposure Magazine discovered its readership desired to not be entertained but rather educated and informed.

As a result, it’s publisher curated NEW content more attractive to Exposure Magazine’s readers such as politics, medical malpractice, government, business development, and more is coming your way.

Exposure Magazine is not just another publication seeking to entertain our readers, viewers, and listeners the publication pride itself on covering stories not seen on the nightly news.

Exposure Magazine is breathing life back into true journalism and investigative content, that our readership will appreciate.

Exposure Magazine released its first issue in Atlanta, Georgia in 2013 with no regret the publication continued to grow online and in print since.

Exposure Magazine released incredible stories over the years such as the 64,000 African American women and girls missing in America and the increasing number of African American males in America’s slave camps called, prison.

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