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Filmmaster Productions is the operational core of the Filmmaster Group, responsible for video production.

Founded in 1976, Filmmaster Productions has firmly held its role as a leader in the video production market over the last forty years

Having produced nearly 4,000 adverts, including some of the most well-known advertising campaigns of the last decade, Filmmaster Productions has been recognised with hundreds of Italian and international awards.

From the start, Filmmaster Productions has brought the best creatives in the field to its infomercial and film production strategies, offering a varied roster of filmmakers which includes internationally famous directors and up-and-coming talent, the future stars of tomorrow’s advertising industry.

New directors, new talent and experimentation with new media languages all have strategic importance as Filmmaster Productions continues to blaze a trail of continuous innovation.

Filmmaster Productions is part of the Filmmaster Group, an international brand active since 1976.

Filmmaster was founded as an infomercial production company and quickly became a content production company, expanding its core business to cover events, large shows, the entertainment industry and new communication methods.

Today, the Filmmaster Group is made up of three production branches, Filmmaster Productions, Filmmaster Events and Filmmaster MEA, and is bolstered by the strength of its new global entertainment holding, the ITALIAN ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK.

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