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If it tells you where, it’s probably built on Foursquare

Our mission is to build the most trusted, independent platform for understanding how people move through the real world.

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How can Foursquare help drive your business forward?

Create experiences your users will crave

Bring your ideas to life with solutions designed for app developers. Imagine the personalized functionalities you will deliver when you have the most comprehensive map of the world and the ability to understand human movement. Some of the largest brands are using our tools to increase the utility, engagement, and delight their users experience on a daily basis, and you can too.

Solve your most complex business problems

Information about people and information about places - we package them together into practical and flexible data sets that you can add in your business intellingence tools and customer databases. Urban planning, financial modeling, and customer segmentation are just a few areas where an understanding of human movement will lead to smarter outcomes.

Transform your advertising with progressive solutions

Effective campaigns are powered by real-world location data. By incorporating your customers’ behaviors - the places they go, the visits they make - into your strategy, success will mean more than clicks and views. Bring more customers into your stores with located-based targeting and identify the top drivers of incremental foot traffic to optimize your media plan.

Capitalize on a managed service that innovates with location technology

You’ve built your brand and we’re here to deliver its message. With our complete suite of in-house offerings, from media planning to creative development to attribution measurement, your marketing investment will move people into your stores.

Get in touch with our location experts. Together, we’ll move your business forward.

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