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Grow your business overnight, every night

Tech startups and newsletter publishers enjoy low-cost growth with our referral program software.


We built GrowSurf as the referral software that we always wanted.

Shore up your marketing with an undeniable source of quality, affordable leads

Keeping customer acquisition costs low is stressful

You want to grow quickly and capitalize on increased awareness and demand. But the channels available to you are expensive and feel out of your control.

Get consistent growth from an ever-expanding user base

Build a referral program that you own—one that’s totally independent of rising ad costs or other external factors. GrowSurf customers report that referral marketing represents their lowest cost channel, while gaining more and more revenue share due to its built-in virality.

Referral marketing software for tech startups and newsletter publishers

Our customers choose GrowSurf to maximize their referral program results. They see 300-1000% returns and 9-40% monthly growth with our top-rated referral software.

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