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Amplifying voices of people in color working in marketing

Build Equity & Prosperity

We aim to amplify voices of color working in marketing, to increase our visibility, and to pave a path for us all to rise.


Hue is a platform built to advocate change, by amplifying voices of color working in marketing.

For years, employers have reported their struggles to find us: leaders of color.

We’re here. We’re experts in our craft. And we’re ready — but we don’t always have access to the legacy decision makers or their networks.

When they do recruit us, we’re often left to fend for ourselves, without a path to development or growth.

The result: we continue to be systemically held back from accessing opportunity and achieving our goals.

It’s time to change that.

We’re the industry-wide employee resource group. Meet other experienced talent of color and supporters who want to lift each other up, to help us all reach new heights. Our experience spans 17 areas across marketing, advertising, communications, & design.

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Posted by David Berkowitz

Community Founder | Serial Marketer

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