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Unlock your genius.

Let your creativity soar.

Writing can be so much fun when our creative juices are flowing. This beautiful and delicious state of being is sometimes called a peak experience -- something rare and hard to find.

We've discovered that this state of flow can be experienced easily and effortlessly by training ourselves to let go of our inner-editor while our creative-genius is given the freedom to run wild with unbounded expression.

Cultivating this flow is why ilys exists -- to release within you a gushing torrent of latent creative-potential as your writing explodes through the box that once constrained it.

Track your writing.

Like a good coach, ilys will track your progress over time and help you see where you're rocking and when you've dipped in your output. Many professionals repeat the mantra of consistency in writing, whether good or bad, as the master-key to ultimate writing success. We agree with this philosophy and want to support you with it.

Complete privacy.

Writing in public spaces with ilys is awesome because the only visible text on the screen is the very last letter you typed. If even that one letter is too much, you can turn on Ninja Mode and flow in stealth. Your words are invisible until you're ready to reveal them. You can always click on the icon and have a peek at your text when you want it.

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