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Learn new languages smarter and faster

Learn the words that you really need, and improve your vocabulary in as little as 30 minutes per day. Try Lingvist for free

Learn faster than you ever have before

With Lingvist’s scientific approach and advanced technology, you can learn languages 10x faster than with traditional methods.* Lingvist maps your current knowledge and personalizes your learning curve.

Learn the words you actually need, when you need them

In any language, the 1500 most common words cover 80% of the scenarios you face in everyday life. Lingvist’s algorithms guide you toward the core words you use and expands upon this base. This helps you learn smarter and faster.

Use your new language immediately

By teaching words in the right context for you and with real-life examples, Lingvist has you using a new language from the first lesson. With this method, grammar is also acquired naturally, without dedicated effort.

Take control as you level up

Create personalized lessons as your skills advance. You can also track and see your progress every step of the way toward mastering your new language.

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