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The All-In-One LinkedIn Automation Software

We help thousands of LinkedIn users simplify prospecting efforts, grow their business with our advanced LinkedIn automation software.

The All-In-One LinkedIn Automation Software

Automate and simplify your work on LinkedIn

Octopus is a powerful yet super simple autopilot for LinkedIn that automates your work and has a wide range of awesome features.

Build your marketing funnel on LinkedIn

Imagine you could automatically connect with your target audience, then send a “thank you” message once the connection requests are accepted, endorse a few skills to warm these prospects up and convert them into clients by sending follow-ups.

The software allows you to create your personal LinkedIn lead generation funnel. Add, remove and combine features quickly and easily, save all your prospects in your personal dashboard and start getting awesome results with Octopus CRM.

Watch your stats and evaluate performance

You cannot assess your marketing efforts without watching stats, which are so important these days.

Octopus CRM lets you observe various important metrics including the number of profile views & search appearances, your social selling index and evaluate the performance of your campaigns.

And a few more amazing features

Link campaigns

Want to send a connection request, then shoot a "thank you" message and deliver a follow up? Now you can! Just link your campaigns together and go ROCK on LinkedIn.

Import / Export

Upload your own list of LinkedIn profiles to the Octopus CRM campaigns for further actions or export data from LinkedIn to CSV file.

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