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Terminus ABM Platform Overview: Email Experiences

Email Experiences

Turn every email your employees send into a targeted marketing channel, bursting with analytics and intent data.

High-Volume Advertising

The average employee sends over 10,000 emails every year. Adding Terminus Email Experiences to the signature of your employee’s Gmail or Outlook emails opens up one of the most effective advertising channels out there.

100% Targeting Accuracy

Terminus Email’s signature ads are targeted based on the recipient’s email address, meaning you’ll have 100% targeting accuracy. Easily align your Email Experiences with your advertising segments to ensure a consistent cross-channel experience, or choose any other targeting method to run dozens of campaigns at once.

Lab-Tested Engagement

Traditional display advertising can have a tough time competing for attention. Eye-tracking research proves that your email ads get full engagement, every time. Combined with sophisticated targeting, you’ve got an ad channel with off-the-charts click-throughs and conversions.

Relationship and Propensity to Buy Data

By analyzing email and calendar data, Email Experiences quantifies the relationships of your opportunities to deliver meaningful buying intent signals to help forecast your team’s pipeline.

All Inside Terminus

Between the open web, social media, and employee email, Terminus gives you access to every digital space where your audiences are spending the majority of their day– all from a single platform.

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