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Sweathead launched in 2018 as a podcast then as a Facebook group. It sought to help working strategists and account planners from around the world learn from each other.

Now, the Sweathead podcast has over 300 episodes and 850,000 listens. And the online community features more than 15,000 people seeking advice, sharing techniques, and mentoring each other.

Strategy and account planning are beautiful careers. But they are riddled with loneliness, volatility, competitiveness, and toxic environments. And that's if people can even get into the industry and then the role.

Sweathead exists to help people who think for a living live. It provides these naturally independent people with a gang, a dose of empathy, and techniques to deal with the messiness of the world.

The Sweathead website and membership are a next step in helping this community in a more substantial and more meaningful way.

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Posted by David Berkowitz

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