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Wanted helps top talent in tech and marketing find a job at your desired pay. Plug in your salary, stay anonymous at first, and connect with companies that want to recruit you.

Get hired-out above your desired salary

We make companies commit to paying based solely on your skills and experiences. You determine the amount you'll be paid and you'll stay anonymous until you agree to an interview.

Wanted - Woman juggling (Google, Apple, Dropbox + Big companies)

We don't charge companies a success fee, which is usually 25% of the annual salary. Instead we ask them to add that to the talent's salary.

We make sure you get paid what you deserve, regardless of your gender, race, or how much you click with the interviewer.

We believe that talent should be recognized and appropriately rewarded for their contribution.

We're committed to improving job market transparency by empowering talent to be paid what they deserve.

It only takes 1 minute to sign up and it's free!


We don't want you to land your dream job. We want you to land a dream job that can pay your bills.


Listening to the job market shouldn't be hard. It should be as easy as possible to find the job you weren't even looking for.


We don't believe in wasting time. Let's make sure that salary is addressed first. Not last.

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